What is the Cloud?

Cloud is just a name given to the function of using a server, application or service hosted in another location, generally a secure datacentre.shutterstock_146680703_small

The cloud allows you to store and access data and programs over the internet on servers hosted in another location, instead of via your onsite servers and computer’s. It can be a practical, economical way to manage data offsite allowing you to remotely access documents, emails, business data and software applications. All you need is an Internet connection and device whether by notebook, tablet, PC or smart phone to access the cloud at any time.

What can I put in the cloud?                                                                                                 

You can put practically all your IT infrastructure and software solutions in a datacentre and purchase them as cloud services. Or you can start small and have just a few apps hosted in the cloud e.g. accounts, payroll, email, back-up and storage.

Should I move to the cloud?

  • Moving to the cloud can increase your efficiency and allow you to become more flexible – the minute you need extra resources on your servers you can get it due to the capacity of your host’s servers. It gives you the space you need to grow allowing you to scale up operations, add applications and meet changing business demands rapidly – all without costing you the earth.
  • Opting for cloud based services means you will no longer need to shell out on expensive hardware or spend precious time and energy updating software. Plus you always get to have the most up to date management tools at your command.
  • The cloud increases security. Your precious data is no longer lost forever when a laptop gets left at the airport, or a computer crashes. With data held remotely the machine is simply a tool that allows access to it, it not the physical place where it’s stored.
  • Of course when considering this move you must think of your ability to connect. If you have a large office with multiple users connecting at the same time your internet connection type, bandwidth and support must be adequate to ensure maximum up time.


Simplified Systems can help you identify the servers, software, storage, networking and expertise to meet your needs both now and in the future and the best ways to keep your data safe, secure and accessible in the cloud.

Simplified Systems can help you manage or upgrade your onsite IT to fit your business requirements.

If you would like more information on moving to a Cloud based infrastructure please check out our Blog post, Is Cloud Right for My Business or call our office to discuss.