Our backup uses market leading software StorageCraft ShadowProtect. This captures an exact copy of the server or computer at the time it is run. This backup is then automatically encrypted and sent over the internet to the backup server where it is consolidated with each previous backup.

No need to swap backup media each day or take it offsite

Unlike tape backup, you don’t need to take equipment offsite for added protection. A secure and encrypted version of all your files are stored in a data centre, far from your office. So if a disaster does happen items that would previously be the most difficult, if not impossible, to replace are now the most secure. Backing up offsite also saves you from having to pay for expensive physical storage solutions and with our cloud backup you get a near unlimited amount of backup storage space billed on a monthly basis, saving you money.


Offsite Backup is secure and automated

Our Backup service offers a seamless and secure environment in which to keep your critical data. Traditional backups required your or staff members to manually swap hard drives and check they were successful, a tedious task. . Offsite backups on the other hand happen automatically so you can focus on your business, improve efficiency and rest assured your data is backed up and up-to-date.


Data is stored in world class Australian datacentres

 Australian based servers offer you the best speed and connection times, along with staff that are available 24/7 to monitor backup success and ensure backup issues are resolved quickly.


Ability to recover individual files within minutes

Your backup image contains everything on your server. So when you need to recover its drive you can do so in minutes, rather than hours or days.


Backup plans for full Disaster Recovery 

Our backup ensures you cloud continuity and cloud recovery, to ensure vital systems are always up and running.


Call Simplified Systems today to discuss your backup requirements. We can tailor a solution that’s just right for you.