If you’re guilty of thinking ‘it will never happen to us’ you’re not alone. Unfortunately however the unthinkable can and does happen regularly when it comes to IT systems.

When things do go wrong – say when you’re the victim of a nasty computer virus; trying to fix things can seriously impact the day to day running of your business.  If your business is not secure, you’re putting your clients and business at risk; with disastrous cost implications.

At Simplified Systems we understand how crucial it is to keep your IT systems secure, and how best to protect your business from security breaches. We check:

  • Network security devices and services such as Firewalls, VPN’s and Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Advise you on how to password protect your data and how to prevent unauthorised access
  • Data recovery, as well as ensure you have the best anti-spam, anti-virus and malware protection Security concept

IT Security audits

Simplified Systems can carry out a comprehensive security audit to determine whether your systems are at risk, or to identify if there are any potential threats to your business. We provide a report explaining the current status of your security, with sensible recommendations about how and where you can improve areas. We run checks on networks to ensure they’re running effectively and check warranties are valid.

IT Security Training for employees

Employees’ inappropriate use of the web or email can put a significant dent on your bottom line so you need to ensure your staff are well informed about all aspects of IT protocol. We can help you to educate your employees on the right way to work with your IT systems and software.

Partners and contractors                                                                            

Simplified Systems have links with the best software vendors in the business, so we’re perfectly placed to offer you authoritative, impartial advice about the best security systems for your practice.