Medical IT Solutions

IT systems for Medical Practices are some of the most complex and fiddly systems within the IT industry. There are many disconnections between software packages which require individual integrations for each and a high understanding of how everything hangs together to ensure the systems are running correctly. In previous times before electronic communications a Medical Practice could look after their own IT with little issues, however this is no longer the case with most outsourcing to a professional IT Support company to manage.

Why should you outsource your Healthcare IT?

medical-cloudAs a Medical practice your core business function is to provide quality care and better health outcomes to your patients and their families. As a Medical Practitioner, your professional and in many cases personal existence is about helping and healing people with care and integrity.
IT for a Healthcare / Medical Practice has gotten much more complex over recent years with the introduction of the new EHR tools, PKI requirements, Accreditation and Privacy laws.  This can be confusing and time consuming for anyone to manage and more so if you are also trying to run a profitable and successful whilst still providing exceptional care to your patients.Outsourcing this to a professional support provider specialised in managing IT systems for medical practices, who also understands how your business functions can remove one of the many tasks, worries and frustrations you constantly have while ensuring your practice is running efficiently.

What we do?

medical-infrastructureSimplified Systems provides Medical Practice Business IT Systems Support services. Most traditional IT support providers only understand and support the technical infrastructure equipment, whereas we consider the infrastructure as the backbone of the practice with the 5 fundamental systems hanging off these.

We believe there are at least 5 technical systems within every medical practice with each of these held together by the Core IT Infrastructure. These systems are:

  • Practice Management and Clinical Information
  • IT Infrastructure Hardware and Networking
  • Practice Privacy and Security
  • Document Management
  • Phone Systems
By integrating these 5 systems together we develop solutions, support and education services to ensure Practices are running a secure, efficient and effective system.

These 5 systems also fall under the RACGP Computer and Information Security Standards (CISS) accreditation requirements where we align and manage to ensure ongoing compliance.


Why we do IT this way?

Quality Equipment, Regular Maintenance and good systems are the 3 principals that guide our service delivery.

From many years of experience we found that skimping or neglecting any of these 3 principals can greatly impact on the efficiency and continuity of any business.

The quality equipment we use is always a reputable brand with business grade warranties to minimise support costs and down time.

Regular Maintenance is essential for the health and continuity of your Practice equipment.

Good systems are essential for the running of any business so when these systems are teamed with your technical tools they can increase the productivity and efficiency of your entire business.

If you feel you have been missing a holistic approach to the management of your healthcare practice IT systems or would like a review of your Practice CISS then please contact us to discuss how you can benefit from our services.