CISS HealthyServer_SmallWe have customised IT maintenance packages specifically for Medical practices to ensure accreditation requirements are attained with ongoing compliance throughout the life of your maintenance period.

Our monthly CISS Maintenance packages are priced on a per server and computer basis with additional add-on options.

Each package includes:

  • Examination of server event log files to determine if there are any critical or potential problems with the server or applications.
  • Installation of all Operating System service packs and updates
  • Install updates and service packs for business applications
  • Checks of hard disk space and ensuring physical server components are in an optimal state
  • Backup Monitoring and Monthly Testing to ensure your backup is functioning correctly.
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) testing and firmware updates.
  • Checking and Tests of Network Switches & Routers
  • Routine Clean-up of temporary files and cached data.
  • Installation of networking equipment firmware updates.
  • Security Checks and Updates, including Firewall, Antivirus and AntiSpam
  • 24 hour, 7 day monitoring of your server for any critical or potential issues.
  • Automatic Alerting and Logging of critical and high priority problems.
  • Report detailing all findings and remediation recommendations for any identified problems.

If you are interested in an overall support and maintenance package we also have 3 levels of Managed Services available that can be customised to meet your practice support requirements that will include all of your ongoing maintenance services.

To get started we have to ensure your systems meet the standards to ensure our Maintenance package delivers on the requirements.   We call this the CISS Health Check where we come to your practice and complete a Security and Infrastructure audit to make sure your equipment and configurations are up to the Accreditation Standards.

To jump on board contact us now to make an appointment.