Announcing: Olliehan IT Is Now Simplified Systems

Announcing: OlliehanIT Is Now Simplified Systems

With business, and especially in IT, technologies change and you need to change with them.

OlliehanIT was built on the foundations of expert advice and support for IT systems for professional service businesses. But our name limited the services we could deliver.

You see, IT as an industry is expanding. It now crosses traditional boundaries into areas such as communications and digital marketing.

Our business simply had outgrown our name. Our clients were looking for integrated solutions. Simpler solutions. A one-stop shop for all their technical needs.

Which is why we have rebranded our company as Simplified Systems.

Like all changes, some things change and some things stay the same.

Things Staying the Same

You will still receive no-jargon, expert advice. You will still contact all our fantastic team members (yes, everyone is still here!) And you will still get on time, exceptional IT support.

All our bank details, ABN, addresses and phone numbers will also remain the same.

New Exciting Developments

Soon, you will also be able to access a range of other technical services to support your business. We will let you know details of each new service as it comes online.

We are also expanding into Melbourne, and have opened an office in Melbourne to support our clients down there. Our new office is located at 43/45 Riversdale Road in Hawthorn.

Things That Will Be Changing

The main changes you will see will simply be the change of our name on our branding.

This means our website and our emails have moved over to this past week. Of course, we will have redirects in place to ensure all email will come to us at our new addresses.

Thank You

We wanted to personally thank you for being part of the OlliehanIT journey so far, and help us to celebrate our first steps towards Simplified Systems.

Of course, if you have any concerns or questions about our name change, please give us a call or drop us an email.

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